Annie: A Quiz

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much lore has been passed, through numerous means of transmission, over eons and eons, as to the wondrous awesomeness that is Annie. during this span of time, Annie has given the Corbalfamily, as well as the world, a collection of entertaining, endearing and flat out rad performances of supernatural ability, rivaled only by that of Jerry Lewis, or possibly Red Buttons.

in tribute to this giant of feline hilarity, we offer a quiz, for you, the humble folk living as underlings in her kingdom of kitty comedy. how well do you know this queen of pratfalls and cute faces? Answer these questions 10, and all will be revealed in due time.

01. true or false: Annie almost died at the age of 1 month due to a botched spay surgery.

02. true or false: Annie has caught upwards of 100 (or more) lizards in her lifetime.

03. what color is Annie’s collar?

04. as a kitten, Annie was very acrobatic. what was her signature “move?”

05. who loves Annie more, Rick or Erin?

06. who does Annie love more, Rick or Erin?

07. which of these animals has Annie captured, and brought into the house:
a. lizard
b. snake
c. spider
d. mouse
e. rat
f. scorpion
g. hummingbird
h. bluebird
i. squirrel
j. butterfly

08. before the name Annie was decided upon, another name was in the running, what was it?

09. true or false: Annie runs with her tail straight up in the air.

10. Annie has been given many nicknames. of the following, please choose the nickname which has never been given to her:
a. monkey
b. Annietainment
c. Annie pants
d. Annie fanny
e. cutie
f. crazy little girl
g. banana
h. monk

answers to this ever important quiz will be posted after the dawn of the next morrow’s neep tide (or sometime soon).

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  1. rob

    Before Annie it was definitely going to be Neo. Or Keanu. But the second Matrix film was too cruddy, so they offered Jude 2, but Annie was…not big-boned enough. Warbucks was thrown around, followed by Punjab.

    All I know is that cat can jump.

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