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Will “Bean” be a boy, or a girl?

It’s still too soon for us to know. But its not too soon for you to guess.

Leave a comment: what sex will “Bean” be? and why (if you like)?

We will compile the results and lay out a complex pie graph of the findings. Actually, we’ll just give you percentages, along with the sex of the baby (when we know it).

Remember, you have a 50/50 chance, so guess away.

Good Luck


  1. Tamlyn

    So I think BEAN will be a bad-ass baby GIRL for the simple reason all first borns in our family on the Maternal side have been cutie GIRLS for at least 3 generations!!! Yippie!
    Beanette! (that’s French, you know…)

  2. Kristen

    Bean will be a beautiful human baby. I actually think it will be a girl. I say this because rick was apparently “so cute he should have been a girl”. So this makes it official…he will pass his “girl cuteness” on to his offspring. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Sara

    I also think it will be a girl. I couldn’t say why except that I trust Tamlyn’s opinion on the family genetics and I think your family is imbued with a strong female spirit. Like a muse.

  4. Carrie

    I think it will be a girl. I had such marvelous pregnancies and had two beautiful girls, and Erin is so much like me (I’m sorry) and is having a wonderful pregnancy so that is my guess. Love you all!!

  5. Tom

    Your dad is saying it is a girl – because he has had good luck with girls (including his wife).

  6. Nancy W. (Carrie's boss)

    With such a strong heartbeat it is a BOY!

  7. Nancy K. (Carrie's friend)

    Girls are good!

  8. Peggy Bruecker

    It’s a boy!

  9. Karen (Erin & Tamlyn's Adopted Mom) now to be an Adopted Grandma


  10. Allison Bruecker

    Twin girls for sure… Never trust a doc.

  11. Sara - Isaac's mommy

    I hope you are not saddened to hear Bean is a boy. I know it’s a 50/50 chance, but of all the pregnant women I have known over the past 3 years they have almost all had girls. ergo statistically (from my small world) you are having a boy! Now you have to worry about circumcision or not… ouch…

    PS- CONGRATS – we are all very exicted for you!

  12. Zack

    Android! Definitely a super-human android!

    Somewhere between Darth Vader and the Terminator, but cute and cuddly… and able to receive satelite radio through it’s ears… and able to lift cars with the power of its mind… and able to sleep through the night with the push of a button…

    ahh… technology…

  13. Sammie Hlinka

    I am hoping it is a healthy BOY! Also, that he is born on March 5th. Sons are just soooo cute and lovable, I should know, I have one and he was born on March 5th. What a trip if he is born on March 5th because you and I were born on November 2nd!!! Love to you both whether it is a boy or girl……

  14. sarah l.

    Hmmm, good question. I’m thinking boy because that’s totally what I want…or maybe it’ll be a girl because I’ve always wanted to go shopping for those cute baby dresses…hmmmmmm.

    It’ll be a boy. Yes, that’s my final answer. :)

  15. Carrie

    Just a short note to tell you how much fun we are having looking at our grandbaby almost daily. What a miracle! Wow, eyes, arm, digits, mouth open, and absolutely beautiful! We look forward to more updates, And I do have to comment on our beautiful Annie. She is truely the best jumper I have ever seen, whether after a feather on a stick or a lazer light up the wall. We send you ALL our love, MOM & DAD

  16. Chris

    if you believe in a natural world balance…as i do…then you have to think “Bean” is a boy. Erin’s side: Erin and Tamyln (2 girls). Rick’s side: Rob, Rick, and Kristen (2 boys, 1 girl). That totals 3 girls and 2 boys. Therefore to balance the lives of Rick and Erin, their child will be a boy. (Yes, i completely ignored all extended family, parents, and grandparents when creating this theory…sorry!)

  17. Janell

    Have you tried the pencil test yet? (Ask your Mom’s-they’ll know!) I definately think that’s a “girl tummy”–down low ya know! Hugs and best wishes…………Janell

  18. Kathy (aka. excited gradma)

    Kathy (aka.excited grandma)

    I think “Bean” will be a beautiful healthy baby girl with redish hair and blue eyes. My reasoning is based on the abundance of girls on both sides of my family. Bedsides, everyone knows “It’s more fun to shop for little girls!!!”

    Rick and Erin,
    All kidding aside, It’s been a delight to explore this most creative website and follow my grandhild’s progress. What a wonderful idea! I can hardly wait to see what clever pictures, contests etc. you’ll be posting next.

    I Love You both so very much!!!

  19. Kathleen

    I think the Bean is a boy. Hands down, it’s a boy. A girl would be cool too.

  20. Carrie

    Congratulations!! It’s a pink bean!!. The harmony in your family is fantastic and we can’t wait for coos and cries joining in from our GIRL grandbaby. Love you all so much, Mom and Dad.

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