corbalfamily double-feature

corbalfamily Films has long been known for producing and distributing the best foreign, art-house and toddler films on the planet. the latest two films in the cff roster, from renowned director Rickey J.C., are no exception. teaming up (yet again) with international beauties Shara Fitzjarrald and Parker Jane Corbal, Rickey J.C. has created a double bill of cinematic genius, certain to touch, tickle, and delight audiences world wide. but enough of my yackin’, let’s boogie.

corbalfamily Films presents: bestfriends

cff 2008

corbalfamily Films presents: what’s your name? Parker Jane

cff 2008

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Written by Rick on October 12, 2008.

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  1. sarah

    well, parker jane *whispers it now* is so darn cute!!! hopefully, i’ll get to see her the next time i’m out in los angeles for a shoot. :) miss you two (and parker jane)!!

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