corbalfamily goes green

Adventure Green is an eco-friendly travel show conceived and co-hosted by Bryan Lukasik (a good friend of corbalfamily). with the completion of a great interactive website and the introduction of awesome organic cotton merchandise, Adventure Green is poised for success-Bryan and co-host Anne-Michelle have been asked to pitch the show to a number of major television networks. fingers are crossed and hopes are high that soon, Bryan and Anne-Michelle will be sharing their eco-friendly adventures with the world on a weekly basis.

so, how does corbalfamily fit in with the above? well, recently, Parker Jane and i participated in an Adventure Green photo shoot for the website’s online store. we had a wonderful time with Bryan: shared some laughs, shared some tears (PJ) and ultimately came away with some great shots.

would you like to see the final shots? yes? okay, follow this link: Adventure Green

and while you’re on the website, poke around and check out the rest of the content; i think you’ll be entertained and impressed.

corbalfamily: saving the world one favor at a time.

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Written by Rick on March 12, 2008.

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  1. Kristen

    I love it! Fabulous! The green can match your eyes rick! Parker jane is one awesome little green bean!

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