It’s been how long?

Parker Jane and BFF Shara at Hermosa Beach

You may be wondering what cute things Parker Jane has been doing lately. There are too many to name, as it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but here are a few extra-cute Parker Janeisms.

* Her laugh changes constantly. It can be a guffaw one day and a choking cackle the next. She even does a silent laugh.
* One day soon she’ll be zooming across the floor in a super-efficient crawl. Until then she’s gotten very good at what we call the “slow motion worm”. Just like the classic breakdance move, she launches herself forward from a push-up position onto her belly then pushes herself an inch or so with her feet, then the whole motion is repeated. Imagine that in fast-forward and you have Parker Jane doing the worm.
* She’s eating solid food now, or at least food a little more solid than milk. She seems to enjoy the rice cereal, but aside from that it’s hard to tell what she likes or dislikes. We just keep feeding her food she’ll eat, grimacing face and all.
* Now almost a 7 month old, Parker Jane is taking on subtle qualities which make her much less of an infant-baby and more of a toddler-baby. Small things like her being able to put her pacifier back in her mouth the right way, and her being stable enough to be held “hip-carry” style in a sling, really show how far she has come. As for how far she still has to go, I’ve been enjoying watching that unfold day after day.

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Written by Erin on September 19, 2007.

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