The Last 22 Days

Much has happened since Parker Jane’s eleventh week. Well, duh.. she’s now a bonafied three month old!

My first mother’s day gifts from Parker Jane were two hearty belly laughs. She was actually laughing at her aunt Tamlyn, but I was there to hear it. She laughed for the first time officially the night before at her grandma Carrie. I’ve gotten a couple of chuckles since then, so I think she must save the big ones for special moments. She smiles up a storm, though, and is starting to make very clear “oooh” and “aaah” sounds, like she’s starting to figure out how her mouth works. While visiting her grandma and grandpa in Escondido, Parker Jane got to play in her “Mega Saucer”. The Mega Saucer is beyond description, so we have to include a photo here. I only know that the Mega Saucer warrants one to use a monster-truck rally voice when saying “MEGA SAUCER!”

MEGA SAUCER! + Parker Jane = Classic Photograph

A couple of weeks back, we made the first of many road trips up to the bay area. Parker Jane is a travelling champ. As long as she has a full belly and her toy keys, she’s good to go. Our five day visit was spent mostly with Grammy Kathy in San Jose. One particular day saw the gathering of five generations on Rick’s side of the family. From Great Great Grandma Josephine all the way down to Parker Jane, a very special (and rare) moment was shared by all.

Middle: Great Great Grandma Josephine (100) – Left to Right: Great Grandma Zoccoli (80), Grammy Kathy (59), Papa (30), Parker Jane (3 months)

While in the bay area, we threw a party in PJ’s honor and invited friends and family to meet her. Parker Jane met her thirteen month old second-cousin Mya, who demonstrated lighting fast crawling skills and has four teeth! Luckly, PJ’s too young to know jealousy… or is she? Also present was 6 month old Mather, daughter of my old college friends Emily and Daniel. I’m amazed that in only 3 more months, Parker Jane will be blowing raspberries and grabbing smaller babies’ pacifiers like Mattie does. All in good-natured innocence… or is it? Our friends Zack and Sara brought their 2 year old son Isaac, who, in the presence of three younger ladies, kept his cool and his distance. I’m convinced that there is currently an influx of baby girls, so the few baby boys will have good odds in about 16 years or so. Rick and I stopped short of proposing an arranged marriage between the two youngsters… or did we?

Left: Parker Jane and Mya – Right: Mather, caught in the act!

After the fantastic party, we escaped to Santa Cruz for a day. Parker Jane’s first trip to the beach was a success; complete with bathing suit, shades, and toes in the sand. What more could a baby ask for? She was a big girl and didn’t even cry when her daddy dipped her feet in the surf. Brrr!

Beach Bums!

On Tuesday, May 29th, Parker Jane completed her first solo roll-over, (belly to back) much to our delight. She has a roll-over limit however, as she got really cranky after the sixth or seventh one. We eagerly await her next trick. At least that’s our excuse for staring at her constantly.

Let’s see… what else? Parker Jane’s hair is really filling out and getting longer. We think she may be pre-teething since she drools constantly and tries to stick her entire fist in her mouth. Oh, and Rick and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by, and with Parker Jane in the picture it seems like it’s going so much faster. We’ll try better to keep up on the blogging, even if it’s just a little blog every couple of days. We’ve got to teach this baby how to type.

Left: Peanut – Right: Five Years of Love…and Laundry

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Written by Erin on June 3, 2007.

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  1. Kalin

    Oh my god! I just watched that video two times, laughing. She is so unbelievably cute. She’s also growing so fast. It’s amazing to see how differently time passes when you’re watching a little thing change so much…

    Endless love to you three! Muah!

  2. Rob

    That was one sweet-ass rollover. She’s getting strong, and now she’s found her voice. Expect big sounds.

    Seeing the mega saucer(!) just made me want one for adults.

    Or an adult big-wheel. Or an adult jumpy chair. Or an adult sippy cup. Or adult-size legos to build full-size stuff. Or adult Construx.

    I feel old now. I’m going to watch the rollover video again.

  3. Kristen

    So…I’m thinking she looks an aweful lot like Elsie Corbal. Seriously, I think she looks more like dad’s side right now. LOVE the beach pictures! what a cutie. My little asada is as cool as ever! Love you 3! Can’t wait to see you in June…

  4. sarah l.

    wow — i guess it has been five years! that’s crazy!! :) miss you guys…but love the updates (since pictures are worth a thousand words).

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