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Parker Jane has been breathing, eating, peeing and looking oh so cute for exactly three weeks now. here are some highlights/tidbits from this magical (like a unicorn or David Copperfield) time:

. Parker Jane was born on her Great Grandmother Polly’s birthday. they are exactly 80 years apart.
. Parker Jane’s first friend Shara Fitzjarrold (daughter of friend Lara) was born four days after her.
. Parker Jane is super cute.
. Parker Jane attended her first party exactly one week ago at honorary auntie Susan’s house.
. Parker Jane has been on two nature walks, the first with auntie Susan and uncle Charlie.
. Parker Jane farts a lot. a lot. like her mother. a lot. seriously. i find myself thinking, is this normal? should she be farting this much, and with such force ?
. Parker Jane participated in her first professional photo shoot (naked PJ, four posts ago) with honorary auntie Brandi. so much fun was had that both parties drew up an exclusive model/photographer contract (details pending negotiation).
. Parker Jane has been to two restaurants (one being her daddy’s) and was a perfect little lady at both.
. Parker Jane’s favorite bands/performers thus far are:
1. The Beatles
2. Neil Young
3. Wilco
4. Elliott Smith/Modest Mouse
5. Baby Einstien
. Parker Jane’s hair color remains in limbo. blonde? red? blonde? red?
. Parker Jane looks best in purples and yellows. pink is not her color.
. Parker Jane cannot wait for November 2008.
. Parker Jane’s official Guide Parents are Rob and Kalin Knight-best, dear, wonderful, amazing, fart a lot friends.
. Parker Jane very much so enjoyed the movie “Mutual Appreciation” for its subversive honesty, but found “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” to be less than impressive and full of plot holes. and the kids were kind of annoying too.
. Parker Jane’s motto thus far is: “Parker Jane is my name, and baby girl is my game!” (this is actually a little rap that Erin does with PJ as she raises her hands in the air and waves them like she just doesn’t care).
. Parker Jane is three pounds lighter than Annie, and less than half the weight of Jude. Jude is 1/10th the weight of Rick. if Jude leaves Chicago at 5pm, traveling at a speed of 63 kilometers per hour and meets Annie in Pittsburgh on tuesday, how much does Parker Jane weigh?

Shara Fitzjarrold and Parker Jane Corbal

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Written by Rick on March 19, 2007.

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  1. RobK

    I leave the Guide-Farting to Kalin. I’m going to show her how to throw untouchable forkballs.

  2. Zack

    i’m stoked the lil’ champ is already a wilco fan… what’s her favorite jam?

    Company in my back?


    Are you trying to break my heart? – that’s my current fave…

    next up – Queensryche, or maybe Dokken…

  3. Liz Kollings

    WOW!!! I am speachless…flabbergasted, really. (A mean fete for a girl like me.) I could weep openly right now, in my office, at work, looking at your beautiful baby girl. I love her. Much love to the whole family. Good work, guys.

  4. Kalin

    Really, now, I never fart.

    But I’m glad she does. It builds character.

    In other news, I’m muy happy that Parker Jane and I share disdain for the film version of Narnia. Those kids were crazy annoying! :-)

  5. Ruth Rabinowitz

    Just got my first glimpse at this cute gal. Congrats!!! You both did it. Phew, I bet your glad the labor is over and the diper changing has now commenced. Love the website, you are amazing to document things so well…

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