parker jane comes home (yesterday)

sunday morning – Parker Jane is born at 9:15 am, to blazing trumpets, ticker tape fanfare and a choir of fat baby angels singing “the heart of rock n’ roll” by Huey Lewis and The News.

sunday through tuesday morning – poking, proding, examining, crying, laughing, sleeping (the baby only), wonderful family, hospital food, changing diapers, making/fielding calls to/from amazing friends and family, lots of staring and a killer KCET documentary on the Apollo 8 space mission.

tuesday afternoon – word comes that Parker Jane’s Bilirubin levels are very high and her degree of Jaundice (yellowing) requires “photo therapy.” Parker Jane is taken to the NICU and placed under a set of ultraviolet lights-Rick and Erin sit in the hospital room, sad that they will not be bringing their daughter home.

tuesday evening – Rick and Erin say goodbye to a sunbathing Parker Jane and return home for the last night of uneventful sleep (for a long, long, long time).

wednesday morning – new breast pump shields at Target, then off to the hospital to hopefully bring Parker Jane home. test is taken, results come back, Parker Jane is coming home-insert fat baby angels singing “when the lights go down on the city” by Journey.

wednesday evening through right this minute – settling in, feeding, changing diapers, feeding, a little crying, sleeping, “she is so beautiful,” feeding, peeing, sleeping, confused cats, cuteness, changing diapers, “this is awesome,” super cuteness, LOST (episode sucked by the way), a little crying, Annie stares at Parker Jane for ten minutes (uninterrupted), feeding, sleeping “in the daylight [outside] her hair looks red,” peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping…

and so it is, the beginning of a new series of madcap adventures for the corbalfamily. stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed.

now, for those who crave more visuals of the little one, a video:

blink n’ suck

* the only reason Parker Jane is feeding from a bottle is because she hadn’t fully taken to the breast yet and she needed something in her tummy. i assure you, the corbalfamily is a 100% breastfed family (rick especially).

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Written by Rick on March 1, 2007.

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  1. Tamlyn

    Weird…….no….really weird….

    Who’s side did THAT come from???
    I love her none the less!

  2. Kristen

    She kinda looks like dad? no? In the still shot from the video…very corbalesque. I love her..the more I see her, the more I love her! How cute is the blinking…just think of all the silly, fun, gross, and funny things she’s going to do the rest of your lives! yeah!

  3. Rob Knight

    It would seem that Baby PJ shares something in common with her Uncle Rob. A congenital condition called Gilbert’s disease that elevates your bilirubin levels. I’ve always been told it wasn’t a big deal…unless bilirubin levels go up.

    I think later in life it leads to a severe addiction to Apple computers.

  4. brandi

    That is so sweet! I think she is blinking because she can’t believe what great parents she has! Either that or she is wondering why you keep pointing that thing at her face, but she will come to know it as a camera soon enough!

  5. Kristen

    Parker is already a movie star at 2 days old! The entire EA crew loves her and want to hug her now! What a little starlet!

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