the skinny on mr. not so skinny

no other furry being has so gracefully trumpeted such an endearing, impressive, adventurous, nap ridden life as that of the magical man in orange. with the impending arrival of his new little sister, here now are ten reasons why this father of feline funk will not be forgotten:

01. Jude was feral for six months before joining the corbalfamily.

02. Jude has 3/4 of a full tail (how this happened is still a mystery).

03. Jude has used up five of his nine lives (the most recent of which cost Rick and Erin a night with The White Stripes and many, many, many tears).

04. Jude sleeps on a Mervyn’s box, contoured to his large frame.

05. Jude will eat anything you put in front of his face (ex. soy beans, pizza, jicama, grapes, guacamole, frozen banana, honey roasted peanuts – we have photo documentation for all of these food items, seriously).

06. Jude barely fits through the cat door (he bangs the sides on exit and entry).

07. Jude meows incessantly after a trip to the litter box. and not after #1, only #2.

08. Jude’s feet smell like people feet, smelly people feet, i’m not kidding.

09. Jude is the cutest cat, ever, of all time (come on, look at the picture and try to tell me otherwise. seriously, he could be a cat model).

10. Jude has been called these names at one time or another: Jubie, Jubalious, Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Jeans, Boo Face, Boo Sniff, Sniffer, Sniff, Blooby, Big Man, Little Man, Box Bed Boo and Mr. Man.

and so it is, the boorific life of the orange wonder, the small animal face eating phantom, the saddle bag belly boy. few are his equal and none will ever attain his catbadassness (except Annie, who kicks his cat ass regularly).

*anticipating the wondrous occasion of his seventh birthday this May, Jude would like everyone to know that he has set up an Amazon wishlist account containing such items as: a new Mervyn’s box, and squirrel faces.

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Written by Rick on February 10, 2007.

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  1. RobK

    Couple things:

    1. You gave him pizza???

    2. That is an old picture. How do we know he hasn’t made a few too many trips to the food bowl since that was taken? Would he be a +size model?

    3. He has also been referred to as “Crazy Jude-ness”

    4. Before Jude was captured and taken hostage by humans, he ran a little known band of rag-tag felines who were irradiated at a meat-packing facility in Chicago. But it was no ordinary radiation. It gave them the power to shoot lasers out of their mouths. That’s right, Jude was the all powerful leader of The Laser Cats, and he will return one day they say…but anyway.

    5. Jude has been immortalized in song not once, but twice.

    * The quality of music produced by Jude’s uncle and dad in no way is a reflection on the quality of love they feel for Jude. They just suck at making music.

  2. sara s.

    Ah, cat infamy. We have one of our own, Rousseau. He disappeared from the old house for three weeks, only to walk in the back door unscathed but very skinny and glad to be home. The best we could guess is he got stuck in one of the apartments next door as it was being vacated. Because a carpet cleaning truck showed up there the next day.
    At any rate, the really interesting thing is that he will also be seven this May. And he is a grey version of Jude, saddlebags and all
    By the time you read this, Bean may have arrived. I hope so.

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