Under No Circumstances!

just as there are names you love, there are also most certainly names you loathe. we’d like to know what these names are.

click on the title of this post (bringing up a comment box) and list the name(s) you insist that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTACES are allowed for the Bean and why.

let’s hear em’…

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Written by Rick on January 9, 2007.

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  1. Kristen

    Well, on the other hand there is Kristy, Krissy, Kristchef, and Kristina. Definitely none of those. then there is Gertie, Marjorie (marj) for short., Fern, Abelina, Sienna, or any other color out of the crayola box, Edwina, Farrah, and of course Bonquifa. SO i think that is a good list to stay away from.

  2. Carrie

    OK, here is my NOT list (of course Little Granddaughter, I will love you so much no matter how crazy your parents are). Magenta, Sage (I’m in total aggrement with Kristen about colors, and what is sad, these have been used), Uniqua, Raven Autumn Moon (yes, all these together!), Precious Jewel, and of course, Chanda Lear! School offers me lots of names to add to the NOT list.
    Love you all, Grandma Carrie

  3. Ed and April Aymami

    Could we politely ask that you not name her Amanda? It would be entirely too confusing to have “cousins” with the same names, and I’m sure it would send Ed and I into more heated debate on picking out another girl name :)

    Looking forward to seeing you at the baby shower!

  4. Jonathan Estes

    1) No names where you substitute “ee” for a “y” (e.g. Tracee, Kimee, etc.).

    2) No names that are really adjectives (i.e. Stormee (see comment above), Sunny, Trixie, etc.).

    Following both rules above will ensure your daughter is not relegated to a life in the adult film industry.

  5. Chris "Almost New Uncle"

    Unless you want your daughter to immmediately be included in the grandmother world…do not name her Marilyn, Gertrude, Pearl, Harriet, Rosemary, or Beatrice. AND if you ever want her future “uncle-in-law” to spend any time with her, do not name her after the following students: David, Ajha, Sherquitha, Vonseel, Meiasha, Tyqua, KHalia, Kyera, Noe,Dezaire, Aundriell, and Banga Carumba Koker. Thank you, I’ve said my peace.

  6. Zack von Snack

    At the park today was Destiny and her sister Serenity… not cute and not kidding.

    Other names to avoid: Demariae, or Prince, Jasmine, Bich [very confusing to sound out off a roll sheet], Paris, Mercedes, London, or Albuquerque- just kidding on the last one that’s a great name.

  7. Emily (Warren) Ransom

    I’d stear clear of most of the top ten, especially…


  8. RobK

    Oh, how many Madisons did I teach in my years at Mad Science? Of all names, stay away from this one.

    By the time she grows up, strippers will be calling themselves Madison.

  9. Grandma Kathy

    My sweet precious granddaughter, as your grandma, I’ll love you no matter what you are named. But as a teacher, I have my reservations about the following names: the “big three” Morgan, Mackenzie, Madison (way overused), Mallory, Jennifer(too many of them), Rachel, Rhianna, Roxanne, Lindsey, Xochitl (always mis spelled and mispronounced).

    Much Love,
    Grandma Kathy

  10. Lori (from Grandma Carrie's pool)

    I agree with Grandma Carrie about Precious Jewel. Also, do not name her Darling, Sunshine (or variations such as Sunny Delight, Skye Blue, etc.). I have been collecting awful names from my many years of working for the court–if only I knew where to find them. I’ll just have to trust that you both know better. (As I am typing this, Bean may be on her way into the outer world or already out & named–it is Sunday afternoon, February 25. I can’t wait to hear!)

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