what will the bean look like – a quiz

we know you have thought about it: what will the Bean look like? will s/he get his/her mother’s sultry red hair? will s/he get his/her father’s enchanting green eyes? will s/he get her furry brother’s stump tail? so many possibilities are abound for a child born of two amazingly beautiful and exotic people.

we’d like to know what you think, and why (if you like).

1. hair color?
2. eye color?
3. some freckles or lots of freckles?
4. complexion?
5. tail length?
6. curly or straight hair?
7. who will s/he look like more?

these may help you in your decision making process:

e & r 6 months

e & r 1 year

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Written by Rick on November 19, 2006.

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  1. Kalin

    Well now, look at those stunning parents. Here are my guesses:

    Hair: Reddish, curly/frizzy.
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Light, some freckles
    Tail: short and crooked, a la Jude
    Resemblance: Girl-Erin. Boy-Rick. But with all of the aboe attributes.

    I really have no idea, but with stunners like the ones above serving as gene-donors, s/he can only be a knockout.

  2. Kristen

    I am not tied to nor do i deny the following. The bean will have hair, eyes, and skin. I know this. Why you ask? Because I do. As for color…what is color? Is nature in color? Can we enjoy nature without color? Are people in color to be loved? Our pets love us without color. What is this importance with color. I ask you this?

    eyes: blue
    hair: light brown/red highlights
    skin: fair
    freckles: not so much.
    tail: no neice or nephew of mine. Only a knubb.
    this is my story.

  3. Elisa

    HAIR- I was going to say reddish like Kalin, but I’ll go out on a limb and say that Baby Bean will be born with a decidedly black Afro, with natural red highlights.
    EYES will be a greyish blue for the first month or so and slowly turn green. But it doesn’t end there, Baby Bean’s eyes will have the power of changing colors, like a chameleon or mood ring.
    FRECKLES- not until pre-adolescence.
    SKIN – I foresee that Baby Bean will be white, like a cannellini or slightly yellowish like a chick-pea.
    TAILS – Pig-tails or afro puffs only.
    RESEMBLE – The cabbage patch kid with the red hair sprouting out from the center of it’s bald head!
    But honestly, no matter the minor characteristics, this beanito/a is going to one attractive angel (with a gleam of fun mischief in his/her exquisite eyes).

  4. Jonathan Estes

    She’ll look half-Mexican because the Mailman is Mexican.

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