$72 and still no sex

wednesday, the 8th of November, marked 23 weeks in the development of the Bean. it was also the day of Erin’s monthly doctor visit. as with every other monthly visit, i joined mommy E. for reason’s not typically “Angelean” Erin and i drove separate cars to the clinic and parked on the street, one car in front of the other.

the magic ultrasound wand ran back and forth, across Erin’s somewhat bulbous belly of bouncing baby Bean, and we asked, and hoped that the sex of the Bean could be confirmed (last month an ultrasound technician told us, “i believe it is a _, but i’m not a doctor so you should get that confirmed”). the nurse focused her eyesight and looked intently at the grainy black and white screen in front of her.

penis or no penis?

alas, the Bean would not cooperate. s/he was facing forward with his/her legs closed. the nurse could not find the proper angle and so it was determined, there would be no determining that day. bummer.

as Erin and i approached our cars on the street after the conclusion of the visit, we both noticed a white envelope adorning the windshield of each car. yes, Erin and i parked directly under a sign CLEARLY stating the allowed hours of “stopping” on said street. $36 each.

$72 and still no sex. what’s up with that?

the evil paper demons

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Written by Rick on November 13, 2006.

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  1. Rob

    The bean hasn’t even farted outside of the womb and you’re already driving separate cars?

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