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* Bean is due on March 4, 2007. If Bean arrives on it’s due date, it will share a birthday with Patricia Heaton, who I personally despise for no particular reason. I would rather Bean to arrive on March 2 so it can share a birthday with Jon Bon Jovi and Dr. Seuss – much better.
* Bean will be a Pisces. Pisces is symbolized by the Fish. Pisceans are empathetic, openhearted and intuitive. They rely on their instincts rather than facts or logic, experiencing things almost completely subjectively. Daydreamy and creative, they prefer to go with the flow rather than fight the current. Element: Water. Quality: Mutable. Ruling House: Twelfth Ruling. Planets: Jupiter / Neptune. Whatever all that means!
* According to Chinese Astrology, Bean will be a Pig. Pigs are highly intelligent creatures, forever studying, playing and probing in their quest for greater knowledge. They can be misinterpreted as being lazy, however, due to their love of reveling in the good stuff. Now we know what to look out for.
* Bean’s temporary name (Bean) was chosen after we got our first glimpse of it from ultrasound images. It bore a strong resemblance to a kidney bean. Now it’s so much more than a bean, but the name has stuck.
* Bean has been moving quite a bit since mid-October. At first I thought it might have been indigestion, but it was unlike anything else I had felt before. I finally figured it was probably Bean doing somersaults. It feels like being on a roller coaster. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling kicks. The other night I was laying down with my laptop on my belly, and I felt a kick so hard, the laptop moved! Bean kept kicking long enough for Rick to feel it for the first time.
* Bean has given me an appetite to be reckoned with, but no particular cravings yet. Unless you call eating saurkraut on its own a craving. And wouldn’t you know it, a couple of months back we found ourselves at the grocery check out line with pickles and ice cream amongst other items.
*We hope to confirm Bean’s gender by early December, at which point we’ll post the next contest, “Name our Baby! …maybe, but probably not”. We’ll also have an area to post names we should under no circumstances use, so start your name lists now!

More to come as Bean develops…

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Written by Erin on November 10, 2006.

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  1. Kalin

    Oh please, call it Bean forever, will you? I just love it. Bean, the fabulous kicking-tumbling-fish-pig. Composed partially of saurkraut, in my opinion one of the most disgusting things known to man…but since I love Bean and double-love you both, I will now think it cute. Lord knows the four of us DO share a certain affinity for fermentation.

  2. Dan Ransom

    I am quite amused that you call your baby “Bean” since when Mather was in the womb, before we knew her gender, we called her “Sprout” because her very first ultrasound resembled a beansprout.

    Great to find your blog (thanks Sara!) and best wishes for Bean. We’ll be keeping an eye on your site.

    Dan (husband to Emily) Ransom

  3. Tamlyn

    Your instincts are correct as a soon-to-be-mother. You SHOULD hate Patricia Heaton. She helped campaign for Bush..TWICE!

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