Today, Parker Jane turns two. It is to be celebrated with cupcakes and her best friend Shara. Who could ask for more?

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Last weekend, we all threw a birthday party for PJ and Shara at Griffith Park. It was a perfect day for a picnic lunch and a ride on the merry-go-round. Family and friends came from miles around to celebrate among the balloons and bubbles. A gigantic post to our Flickr page has pictures from the party, and then some.

And then some… I guess that would contain pictures of our life since November. And boy, hasn’t the world changed since then? The world of Corbal Family certainly has. Rick and I made a decision late last year that we had been meaning to make ever since we moved to Los Angeles: to move back to Santa Cruz. We were overjoyed at the official decision and all the excitement that goes along with pursuing a dream. The giddiness wore off though, as we told our friends and family here in the south-land (that will be the only time I ever say that) of our plans to move away, and to take Parker Jane with us.

Our reasons to move are still compelling us. Over the past 6.5 years, Los Angeles has gotten to be too big for us. We want quiet, trees, countryside, and a small community for Parker Jane to grow up in. Call it back to the land, or whatever, it is a pull that has become so much stronger since PJ was born. It’s been a tough road at times here, living in Los Angeles. But I refuse to talk negatively of it. I will honestly miss our life here, and most of all our wonderful friends and family. Without them, we probably would have high-tailed it back to Santa Cruz in a few months. It is with tremendous sadness and inexplicable excitement that we are making this move. The dream is this: we find a little house up (up, up) in the Santa Cruz mountains with a little bit of land. We have chickens and a dog and a fireplace. The rest will come together in time.

Needless to say, we’ll be busy with the move until we relocate in June. Updates are likely to be scarce, but that’s par for the course for this blog. So, in an attempt to appease those who are about to give up on us, and in honor of our beautiful birthday girl, Rick has compiled a video of PJ’s best moments over the last several months. Enjoy!

But first, these things
- Parker Jane constantly asks: “what is that?” and “what’s that say?”
- Parker Jane consistently leaves out the number 4 when counting to 10.
- Parker Jane enjoys kale. she also likes spinach, beets, ruttabaga, and kolrabi. seriously.
- Parker Jane is known to say – at the appropriate time even – “that’s okay baby”.
- Parker Jane often says “running”, while running.
- Parker Jane shares her birthday with her amazing Great Grandmother Zoccoli; 80 years apart.
- Parker Jane loves books. LOVES books. the Altadena library is her home away from home.
- Parker Jane loves dogs.
- Parker Jane loves horses.
- Parker Jane loves her mommy.
- Parker Jane loves her daddy.
- Parker Jane is a truly special little girl; her mommy and daddy love her dearly.

this morning, on a walk with daddy

corbalfamily Films presents: the Parker Jane collection volume1

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