Parker Jane turned one year old at 9:15 this morning.

we spent the morning romping around the living room floor with Grammy, Great Grandma and Papa Tony-in town for PJ’s birthday bash (we will post in length about this party soon).

nap: 9:50am-11:40am.

up and out of the house by 12:15pm to meet mama and auntie Susan for lunch at their work-site.

back to the house by 2pm for an hour of romping around the living room with dada.

nap: 3:15pm-5pm.

up and out of the house in five minutes for a walk: we hit a teatherball around at a nearby school, climbed up a jungle gym, swung on the swings, walked to see the horses near our house, were barked at by a dog, and returned home by 6:10pm.

6:30pm mama returned home and joined in the fun that is Parker Jane’s dinner. dinner was followed by a big piece of cake from yesterday’s party. during cake time, Parker Jane was asked how old she was. and she said:

cake time was quickly followed by bath-time, which was followed by nudie-cuite time (diaper only romping).

once clothed, Parker Jane opened two bags full of books from mama and dada. we read a bit, sang a few songs and did a last bit of romping.

by 8pm, Parker Jane was asleep for the evening. Erin and i ate dinner on the couch and talked, about lots of good things.

tomorrow looks to be another great day.

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Written by Rick on February 26, 2008.

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wednesday (lunch)


Joe’s O’s (not pictured)
Trader Joe’s Parrot Shaped Cheese Crackers (not pictured)

First Course
pear (not pictured)
red grapes (not pictured)

Main Course
01. organic polenta
02. organic broccoli
03. organic cauliflower
04. firm tofu
05. brussel sprouts
06. Vegan Griller Patty
07. Veggie Protein Link

banana (not pictured)
apple sauce (not pictured)
Trader Joe’s Greek Style Nonfat Plain Yogurt – mixed with two Stevia packets and a wee bit of non-alcoholic Pure Vanilla flavor (not pictured)

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we had some fun today.

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