the 4D beauty

behold, the Bean in all her beauty. this ultrasound was taken with a camera which uses a new, special technology that allows for much higher detail and contour than a standard ultrasound. she has her father’s nose, and her mother’s affinity for sucking on her feet.

Bean (cute) December 10, 2006 – (roughly) 15.1 inches long, 2.11 lbs. – 29 weeks

next up: “Name our Baby, Maybe…But Probably Not”

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Written by Rick on December 30, 2006.

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sex, finally!

but before we get to that, lets look at the statistics from the Guess the Sex: Contest.

in total, 22 people dropped their two cents into the Corbalfamily tin can as to the gender of the Bean, and the results are staggering (actually they’re quite normal but the usage of the word staggering with the word results is just too epic to resist).

12 persons answered: girl
08 persons answered: boy
01 persons answered: kitty (no gender specified)
01 persons (persons = Zack) answered: android (no gender specified)

so what does all this mean, well, we’ll have to go to the pie chart for that. now…

okay, okay, enough of the normal subversiveness and on to the big show. what is the Bean? to find out, listen to the song below by The Corbalfamily All-star Tribute House Band and all will be revealed.

The Corbalfamily All-star Tribute House Band is:
rick corbal: vocal, guitar
erin corbal: tambourine, chimes, marimbas, napping
jude corbal: drums, bass, banjo, the sound of dry food being eaten
annie corbal: rhodes piano, moog synthesizer, mouth harp, squeaks and sqwaks

There’s a Bean in Erin’s Belly
(press the arrow or “play” button to start the song – turn up computer’s volume)

hot on the heels of the above historic revelation in four part harmony, stay tuned for the Contests: “Name Our Baby! (Maybe, But Probably Not)” & “Naming Your Baby this Name Will Cause an Immediate and Everlasting Wall in Our Friend/Familyship, and I’m Not Just Talking About a Chain-link Fence, I Mean a Wall, a Big One, Most Likely Made of Stone or Brick and Mortar Mixed with Tears” (aka – “No No Names”).

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Written by Rick on December 12, 2006.

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New Ultrasound – So Cute! (that’s right, so cute, and yes the Bean is our baby so of course we think s/he is cute but come on, look at this picture and tell me s/he isn’t cute, come on, i dare you)

hot off the cervix: Extra, Extra, read all about it, the Bean is SO CUTE!

Bean (nose, lips, arm) December 1, 2006 – (roughly) 14.8 inches long, 2.2 lbs. – 28 weeks

hang in there folks, the Bean’s sex will be revealed very soon, or will it? (ha, ha, ha…what? really? okay, it will)

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Written by Rick on December 4, 2006.

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