the bean has sprouted!

Parker Jane Hunter Corbal

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19 1/2 in.

more to come…

* credit to Mr. Sam Hatcher for the phrase: The Bean Has Sprouted!

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Written by Rick on February 28, 2007.

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Two weeks until the marathon

Never in my life has time had such significance as it does now. Events, appointments, birthdays, movie release dates… I am accutely aware whether they fall before or after March 4. In my mind, though, each day from February 28th till about March 8th or so seems like it could be my due date. Anything happening after March 10th, I think, “oh we’ll definitely have the baby by then”. Anything happening up until February 27th, I think, “nah, that’s way too soon”. Not to say that we’re not ready now because I think we really are: technically because today we figured out how to work the car seat; and emotionally because we both find ourselves saying loudly to my belly, “hurry up and come out! we want to meet you!”. I think we’ve finally gotten to the point where we’ve prepared as much as we could have, and anything else we do in the next two weeks is extra credit.

A big event that is actually happening on March 4th is the Los Angeles Marathon. Oddly enough, our childbirth educator has been using the scenario of running a marathon as a metaphor for labor and giving birth. We checked the course route today to make sure it doesn’t go by the hospital (it doesn’t). A couple of hours before the marathon starts, the course is opened for bicyclists to enjoy. Before getting pregnant, I mountain biked quite a bit, and rode in two 50 mile rides with my dad in Mexico. A part of my brain still linked to my pre-pregnant body thinks a 26 mile ride through LA would be no sweat and a lot of fun, but my current uber-pregnant body is the wiser, and constantly amazes me with exasperating limitations (putting on socks) and unbelievable discoveries (losing a bellybutton). As much as I’ve enjoyed my pregnancy, I really can’t wait to get my body and all that I’ve been forbidden back. It will be sooooo nice to go out for a bike ride and come home and enjoy a cold beer. And sushi. Tick-tock.

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Written by Erin on February 18, 2007.

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One month, but who’s counting…

Today marks our one month count-down to Bean’s due date. After months of waiting, it’s hard to believe that we’ll be bringing our little girl home in a matter of a few weeks now! As much as I’d like for her to arrive a little early, I’m hoping she’ll hold out until our childbirth class ends on the 26th. We could have read all the books on labor and birth out there and still not gotten as much information as we have at our Bradley classes. I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who’s expecting.

Over the last two weekends, I have been showered with an overwhelming amount of love, attention, and yes, baby gifts galore. Both parties were wonderful gatherings of all the important women in my life, each one so special and supportive. Their excitement and enthusiasm will stay with me in these last few weeks. Our Bean has already brought joy into the world, and this must be the best part of being a parent. I feel privileged to be bringing her into a life where she is loved by such wonderful family and friends.

So what will February hold for us? Hopefully I can finish all the childbirth books I’ve started reading, and do a lot of yoga, walking, and sleeping. My “to-do” list has dwindled down to cleaning out the microwave and refrigerator, so I’ll be doing anything else I can to avoid those tasks. Rick and I will be taking a two day trip to Idyllwild for one last getaway, and maybe we’ll get out to see a movie or two. We’re very close to finishing the nursery, and will be posting a virtual tour soon (if I must say so myself, it’s the coolest nursery I’ve ever seen). We should be kept busy for an entire day figuring out how to install the car seat. Another day will be dedicated to baby-proofing. And then some day, not far off, we’ll be taking our last car ride to the hospital to finally meet our little Bean.

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Written by Erin on February 4, 2007.

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Name Our Baby, Maybe…Well Probably Not!

is there a particular name that rings your bell? maybe it’ll ring ours too.

of course there is a list of names we are attached to, (don’t ask, were not telling) but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to suggestions (that we most likely won’t use).

click on the title of this post (bringing up a comment box) and list the name(s) you believe would suit the Bean and why.

let’s get to it…

*check out the post: Under No Circumstances! to post names that are absolutely unacceptable.

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Written by Rick on January 9, 2007.

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Under No Circumstances!

just as there are names you love, there are also most certainly names you loathe. we’d like to know what these names are.

click on the title of this post (bringing up a comment box) and list the name(s) you insist that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTACES are allowed for the Bean and why.

let’s hear em’…

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Written by Rick on January 9, 2007.

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the 4D beauty

behold, the Bean in all her beauty. this ultrasound was taken with a camera which uses a new, special technology that allows for much higher detail and contour than a standard ultrasound. she has her father’s nose, and her mother’s affinity for sucking on her feet.

Bean (cute) December 10, 2006 – (roughly) 15.1 inches long, 2.11 lbs. – 29 weeks

next up: “Name our Baby, Maybe…But Probably Not”

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Written by Rick on December 30, 2006.

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