Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band Presents:

we’ll get to the song in a second, but first:

a post from rick, finally!

i wanted to tell you what is new with me. and i will also share some more Parker Jane later, but this first.

two saturdays ago i began a training program to become a Waldorf Teacher. i am excited for the possibilities i see this program revealing to me, and while i have only attended two classes so far, my connection to the material already feels very real. also, during one of my lessons i glanced out a window and noticed a circle of second year students throwing an imaginary ball around, and they were in to it. so that was awesome too. more later. *for those not familiar with Waldorf Education, you can click here: for a small but accurate overview of information.

Parker Jane is blowing my mind. it’s hard to know what to mention because there is so much, so often. she can be so bright, and so day-dreamy at the same time. Parker Jane laughs more than she cries, and will devour a mountain of books in the blink of an eye. she is no longer the big eater that many of you remember her as; her appetite isn’t poor, she’s just to busy to eat. Parker Jane is a little girl now, a very happy little girl. she amazing, but i’m her daddy, so i’m biased. but still right.

i bought this shirt for Parker Jane.

Erin is lovely, and amazing as well, and she completes the little family that is Corbal.

speaking of Corbal-
as promised, Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band Presents:
pitseleh (you are)

(turn up volume – press the arrow to start the song – rock out!)

*unless i am mistaken, pitseleh means “little one” in Yiddish.

Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band
rick corbal: vocal, guitar
erin corbal: recorder, is there anything else?
parker jane corbal: ballshoeshoeshooooohatAnnie hatJude idothatidoitdoit doitdooeywha whowwowdaddydaddydaddy napdaddylalu
jude corbal: washtub bass, suspicious looks
annie corbal: cello, shedding

have a lovely tuesday.

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Oh, yeah… we have a blog!

Could it be that the last Parker Jane update was at her first birthday? Shame on us, really. So much has happened and she has changed so much since then.

This Sunday she will be 15 months old!

PJ shares a birthday with George Harrison so i suppose having his hair is okay

This post is accompanied by an update to our flickr page. So much of what’s been going on can be seen in those photos.

Parker Jane went from cautious first steps just before her birthday to a full gallop – without knowing how to stop – in a matter of one month. Her mobility is astounding and she revels in her independence now. Just because she can, she’ll veer off in any direction at any given time. Accidents abound in our daily lives as a result.

the waves weren’t very good that day

She’s quite a talker theses days too, and will repeat words and expressions she likes. She picked up “ooo-wee!” and “okie-dokie” from her grammy last weekend. Her daily favorites are “apple”, “hi”, “bye”, “monkey”, “duck/y”, and “book/y”. The word I’m proudest of: “octopus” (sounds more like “oppu”, but she says it and points to the octopus in a couple of different books. It’s strange how prominent octopi are in kids books.)

too busy drinkin’ to talk

A month-and-a-half ago we experienced a banner moment in Parker Jane development: the death of the pacifier (or “plug” as we liked to call it). Parker Jane had developed a bit of a runny nose and was forced to breath predominately out of her mouth because of it. Breathing from the mouth hampered pacifier sucking, so while Parker Jane still clung to the comfort of the pacifier, her use during this time was greatly diminished. So we took the pacifier away. Not knowing what might happen, we waited for the longing cry, but it never came. Nor did it come the next day, or the next, and within 3-4 days we knew that the pacifier had become a thing of the past. In honor of the passing of our dear friend “plug”, we offer you this:

Just this evening we had a breakthrough. She said “poo-poo” then took her customary squat and did her business. This was worthy of a phone call to daddy on his way to work. We have brought out her training potty, and attempt to have her sit on it every day, but haven’t even begun to think about potty training. I think it’ll be obvious when she’s ready for that. In the meantime it’s just another thing to climb and stand on in the bathroom.

A large part of our daily lives with Parker Jane involve her bringing books for us to read to her. It is something we are very pleased with and love to encourage. She gets so much pleasure from perusing her book baskets and plopping down on our laps with her selection. She’s got a decent library growing, and somehow I still get a kick out of reading “Goodnight Sweet Butterflies” for the 300th time. But there are a few of those books… you know, the one she picks out and brings to you with gusto while you grimace and try to talk her out of it. The one that you hide underneath the sofa until she finds it the next day, whining and clawing to reach it, and then insisting you read it on the spot. Twice. We don’t have cable service which means we don’t have TV, and while Fantasia has been popped in the VCR a few times, Parker Jane has no interest in TV. When the time is right I’m sure we will introduce old Sesame Street episodes, old Disney Movies and of course the Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine. But for now, an annoying book Parker Jane is compelled to look at over and over still insights more imagination and interaction than Teletubbies, and we are happy to read it.

with a wagon and a bff like Shara, who needs t.v.

Parker Jane is by nature a very easy going and happy toddler. She is strong-willed and stubborn yet generous with her affection. Plush toys and our very forgiving cats cannot escape Parker Jane’s kisses. And she’s getting better at giving her mom and dad kisses, too (but only upon request). Strange – no longer a baby, but not yet a little girl. I love this stage as much as I’ve loved every other one. Her rapid development is a lot to keep up with, and we’re now challenged with the tricky task of discipline.

discipline, with a clown like this? we’ll see

As for me, I’m refocusing on my family and business in the wake of the LA Garden Show. It was really satisfying working within the show’s theme (“A Vision for Sustainability”) and creating a “green” space for all to see (and a theme I’d like to explore more in my future work). Leading up to the opening of the show and during the installation, I was struck by the whole process feeling reminiscent of preparing for one of my college photography exhibits. There was a similar energy of creation on that lawn, and though we were all doing our own work, it felt like a collaborative effort between all of the designers to put on the show. It was a very exciting, humbling, and affirming moment in my career.

front view of finished design

Rick spends four nights a week in South Pasadena serving California Cuisine to the rich and famous (actually, rich and demanding). In his spare time, Rick continues to write, build and create works of art; his current focus being the development of a small, independent literary press for publication of his written material as well as friends and other talented writers.

May 18, 2008 marked six years of marriage for Rick and I. While not always a walk in the park, our love for each other remains strong enough to topple any wall and hurdle any barrier. And moving forward with Parker Jane as a part of our family, this love will only grow.

holding hands is still magic, that’s why we still do it (PJ now included)

In case we neglect to post for another three months, I thought I might add here a three month projection for the Corbal Family. In June Parker Jane will be a flower girl in her Aunt Kristen’s wedding. What she’ll do when faced with a basket of petals then led down the aisle in front of 200 people, no one knows… but there’s a good chance that I’ll be carrying her. July will be hot and uncomfortable. Parker Jane will spend most of her time in just a diaper. In August we hope to spend a few weeks at the Casa Serena in the mountains and enjoy the simple life. That’s what I see on the horizon, so just go with that until you hear again from us again. But we’ll try very hard to stop in sooner.

love to all,


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amid everything Parker Jane; Annie reminds me of how wonderful she is

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thus far

Parker Jane has been breathing, eating, peeing and looking oh so cute for exactly three weeks now. here are some highlights/tidbits from this magical (like a unicorn or David Copperfield) time:

. Parker Jane was born on her Great Grandmother Polly’s birthday. they are exactly 80 years apart.
. Parker Jane’s first friend Shara Fitzjarrold (daughter of friend Lara) was born four days after her.
. Parker Jane is super cute.
. Parker Jane attended her first party exactly one week ago at honorary auntie Susan’s house.
. Parker Jane has been on two nature walks, the first with auntie Susan and uncle Charlie.
. Parker Jane farts a lot. a lot. like her mother. a lot. seriously. i find myself thinking, is this normal? should she be farting this much, and with such force ?
. Parker Jane participated in her first professional photo shoot (naked PJ, four posts ago) with honorary auntie Brandi. so much fun was had that both parties drew up an exclusive model/photographer contract (details pending negotiation).
. Parker Jane has been to two restaurants (one being her daddy’s) and was a perfect little lady at both.
. Parker Jane’s favorite bands/performers thus far are:
1. The Beatles
2. Neil Young
3. Wilco
4. Elliott Smith/Modest Mouse
5. Baby Einstien
. Parker Jane’s hair color remains in limbo. blonde? red? blonde? red?
. Parker Jane looks best in purples and yellows. pink is not her color.
. Parker Jane cannot wait for November 2008.
. Parker Jane’s official Guide Parents are Rob and Kalin Knight-best, dear, wonderful, amazing, fart a lot friends.
. Parker Jane very much so enjoyed the movie “Mutual Appreciation” for its subversive honesty, but found “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” to be less than impressive and full of plot holes. and the kids were kind of annoying too.
. Parker Jane’s motto thus far is: “Parker Jane is my name, and baby girl is my game!” (this is actually a little rap that Erin does with PJ as she raises her hands in the air and waves them like she just doesn’t care).
. Parker Jane is three pounds lighter than Annie, and less than half the weight of Jude. Jude is 1/10th the weight of Rick. if Jude leaves Chicago at 5pm, traveling at a speed of 63 kilometers per hour and meets Annie in Pittsburgh on tuesday, how much does Parker Jane weigh?

Shara Fitzjarrold and Parker Jane Corbal

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parker jane comes home (yesterday)

sunday morning – Parker Jane is born at 9:15 am, to blazing trumpets, ticker tape fanfare and a choir of fat baby angels singing “the heart of rock n’ roll” by Huey Lewis and The News.

sunday through tuesday morning – poking, proding, examining, crying, laughing, sleeping (the baby only), wonderful family, hospital food, changing diapers, making/fielding calls to/from amazing friends and family, lots of staring and a killer KCET documentary on the Apollo 8 space mission.

tuesday afternoon – word comes that Parker Jane’s Bilirubin levels are very high and her degree of Jaundice (yellowing) requires “photo therapy.” Parker Jane is taken to the NICU and placed under a set of ultraviolet lights-Rick and Erin sit in the hospital room, sad that they will not be bringing their daughter home.

tuesday evening – Rick and Erin say goodbye to a sunbathing Parker Jane and return home for the last night of uneventful sleep (for a long, long, long time).

wednesday morning – new breast pump shields at Target, then off to the hospital to hopefully bring Parker Jane home. test is taken, results come back, Parker Jane is coming home-insert fat baby angels singing “when the lights go down on the city” by Journey.

wednesday evening through right this minute – settling in, feeding, changing diapers, feeding, a little crying, sleeping, “she is so beautiful,” feeding, peeing, sleeping, confused cats, cuteness, changing diapers, “this is awesome,” super cuteness, LOST (episode sucked by the way), a little crying, Annie stares at Parker Jane for ten minutes (uninterrupted), feeding, sleeping “in the daylight [outside] her hair looks red,” peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping, peeing, feeding, sleeping…

and so it is, the beginning of a new series of madcap adventures for the corbalfamily. stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed.

now, for those who crave more visuals of the little one, a video:

blink n’ suck

* the only reason Parker Jane is feeding from a bottle is because she hadn’t fully taken to the breast yet and she needed something in her tummy. i assure you, the corbalfamily is a 100% breastfed family (rick especially).

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the skinny on mr. not so skinny

no other furry being has so gracefully trumpeted such an endearing, impressive, adventurous, nap ridden life as that of the magical man in orange. with the impending arrival of his new little sister, here now are ten reasons why this father of feline funk will not be forgotten:

01. Jude was feral for six months before joining the corbalfamily.

02. Jude has 3/4 of a full tail (how this happened is still a mystery).

03. Jude has used up five of his nine lives (the most recent of which cost Rick and Erin a night with The White Stripes and many, many, many tears).

04. Jude sleeps on a Mervyn’s box, contoured to his large frame.

05. Jude will eat anything you put in front of his face (ex. soy beans, pizza, jicama, grapes, guacamole, frozen banana, honey roasted peanuts – we have photo documentation for all of these food items, seriously).

06. Jude barely fits through the cat door (he bangs the sides on exit and entry).

07. Jude meows incessantly after a trip to the litter box. and not after #1, only #2.

08. Jude’s feet smell like people feet, smelly people feet, i’m not kidding.

09. Jude is the cutest cat, ever, of all time (come on, look at the picture and try to tell me otherwise. seriously, he could be a cat model).

10. Jude has been called these names at one time or another: Jubie, Jubalious, Boo, Boo Boo, Boo Jeans, Boo Face, Boo Sniff, Sniffer, Sniff, Blooby, Big Man, Little Man, Box Bed Boo and Mr. Man.

and so it is, the boorific life of the orange wonder, the small animal face eating phantom, the saddle bag belly boy. few are his equal and none will ever attain his catbadassness (except Annie, who kicks his cat ass regularly).

*anticipating the wondrous occasion of his seventh birthday this May, Jude would like everyone to know that he has set up an Amazon wishlist account containing such items as: a new Mervyn’s box, and squirrel faces.

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