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Written by Rick on October 19, 2008.

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corbalfamily double-feature

corbalfamily Films has long been known for producing and distributing the best foreign, art-house and toddler films on the planet. the latest two films in the cff roster, from renowned director Rickey J.C., are no exception. teaming up (yet again) with international beauties Shara Fitzjarrald and Parker Jane Corbal, Rickey J.C. has created a double bill of cinematic genius, certain to touch, tickle, and delight audiences world wide. but enough of my yackin’, let’s boogie.

corbalfamily Films presents: bestfriends

cff 2008

corbalfamily Films presents: what’s your name? Parker Jane

cff 2008

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Written by Rick on October 12, 2008.

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Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band Presents:

we’ll get to the song in a second, but first:

a post from rick, finally!

i wanted to tell you what is new with me. and i will also share some more Parker Jane later, but this first.

two saturdays ago i began a training program to become a Waldorf Teacher. i am excited for the possibilities i see this program revealing to me, and while i have only attended two classes so far, my connection to the material already feels very real. also, during one of my lessons i glanced out a window and noticed a circle of second year students throwing an imaginary ball around, and they were in to it. so that was awesome too. more later. *for those not familiar with Waldorf Education, you can click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldorf_education for a small but accurate overview of information.

Parker Jane is blowing my mind. it’s hard to know what to mention because there is so much, so often. she can be so bright, and so day-dreamy at the same time. Parker Jane laughs more than she cries, and will devour a mountain of books in the blink of an eye. she is no longer the big eater that many of you remember her as; her appetite isn’t poor, she’s just to busy to eat. Parker Jane is a little girl now, a very happy little girl. she amazing, but i’m her daddy, so i’m biased. but still right.

i bought this shirt for Parker Jane.

Erin is lovely, and amazing as well, and she completes the little family that is Corbal.

speaking of Corbal-
as promised, Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band Presents:
pitseleh (you are)

(turn up volume – press the arrow to start the song – rock out!)

*unless i am mistaken, pitseleh means “little one” in Yiddish.

Corbalfamily and the All Corbal Family Band
rick corbal: vocal, guitar
erin corbal: recorder, is there anything else?
parker jane corbal: ballshoeshoeshooooohatAnnie hatJude idothatidoitdoit doitdooeywha whowwowdaddydaddydaddy napdaddylalu
jude corbal: washtub bass, suspicious looks
annie corbal: cello, shedding

have a lovely tuesday.

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Written by Rick on September 15, 2008.

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corbalfamily goes green

Adventure Green is an eco-friendly travel show conceived and co-hosted by Bryan Lukasik (a good friend of corbalfamily). with the completion of a great interactive website and the introduction of awesome organic cotton merchandise, Adventure Green is poised for success-Bryan and co-host Anne-Michelle have been asked to pitch the show to a number of major television networks. fingers are crossed and hopes are high that soon, Bryan and Anne-Michelle will be sharing their eco-friendly adventures with the world on a weekly basis.

so, how does corbalfamily fit in with the above? well, recently, Parker Jane and i participated in an Adventure Green photo shoot for the website’s online store. we had a wonderful time with Bryan: shared some laughs, shared some tears (PJ) and ultimately came away with some great shots.

would you like to see the final shots? yes? okay, follow this link: Adventure Green

and while you’re on the website, poke around and check out the rest of the content; i think you’ll be entertained and impressed.

corbalfamily: saving the world one favor at a time.

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Written by Rick on March 12, 2008.

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Parker Jane turned one year old at 9:15 this morning.

we spent the morning romping around the living room floor with Grammy, Great Grandma and Papa Tony-in town for PJ’s birthday bash (we will post in length about this party soon).

nap: 9:50am-11:40am.

up and out of the house by 12:15pm to meet mama and auntie Susan for lunch at their work-site.

back to the house by 2pm for an hour of romping around the living room with dada.

nap: 3:15pm-5pm.

up and out of the house in five minutes for a walk: we hit a teatherball around at a nearby school, climbed up a jungle gym, swung on the swings, walked to see the horses near our house, were barked at by a dog, and returned home by 6:10pm.

6:30pm mama returned home and joined in the fun that is Parker Jane’s dinner. dinner was followed by a big piece of cake from yesterday’s party. during cake time, Parker Jane was asked how old she was. and she said:

cake time was quickly followed by bath-time, which was followed by nudie-cuite time (diaper only romping).

once clothed, Parker Jane opened two bags full of books from mama and dada. we read a bit, sang a few songs and did a last bit of romping.

by 8pm, Parker Jane was asleep for the evening. Erin and i ate dinner on the couch and talked, about lots of good things.

tomorrow looks to be another great day.

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Written by Rick on February 26, 2008.

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wednesday (lunch)


Joe’s O’s (not pictured)
Trader Joe’s Parrot Shaped Cheese Crackers (not pictured)

First Course
pear (not pictured)
red grapes (not pictured)

Main Course
01. organic polenta
02. organic broccoli
03. organic cauliflower
04. firm tofu
05. brussel sprouts
06. Vegan Griller Patty
07. Veggie Protein Link

banana (not pictured)
apple sauce (not pictured)
Trader Joe’s Greek Style Nonfat Plain Yogurt – mixed with two Stevia packets and a wee bit of non-alcoholic Pure Vanilla flavor (not pictured)

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Written by Rick on February 13, 2008.

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